Daniela Podobea is an International Operatic and Symphonic Soprano. Singing was an integral part of Daniela’s life as she grew up in a family of musicians and opera singers. Exclusively developed herself as an operatic soprano with her admittance at the prestigious ”Gheorghe Dima” Music Conservatory in Cluj-Napoca, Romania where she obtained her BA and Master’s degree in Performing Arts. Living in United States, Daniela Podobea performed as a guest Soprano for Opera Focus, with Pacific Symphony Society she sung at Rene and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall, with California Philarmonic she sung at Walt Disney Concert Hall, at Ebell Theater in Los Angeles and at Pasadena Convention Center Auditorium. She is a Soprano with Global Musical Bridges where she frequently performed in Concerts and Musicals at Fiesta Hall in West Hollywood.

Living in Los Angeles for more than 10 years, as a hobby Daniela played in the lead role in two short student films sponsored by USC School of Cinematic Arts and was a photo-model for Maverik Models agency for two years.

Thriving to see her vision being fulfilled, Daniela became a producer of a few successful Concerts in SoCal Corona Del Mar: “Opera By The Beach” and in Pasadena as a co-producer with The League and Union of the Romanian Societies : “Summer Opera Night” and “Winter Wonderland”.

Starting with 2020 Daniela became the director of a Non-Profit organization www.isarts.org in California where she’s dedicated to produce, together with her team, new projects for the upcoming season.

Although she changed continents and languages, she never forgot the testimony of resilience gifted by her father — the impetus to go on in her musical career and to flourish as an operatic soprano. His life has become a guiding light in her journey and left a legacy that she continues to honor.

When not singing, Daniela enjoys being outdoors playing tennis, going hiking or biking at the beach with her friends and family: Vio her husband and their two children Maia and David. Her favorite drink is coffee and in her free time she delights reading inspirational books.